Here are some tips about mangos:

  • There most popular variety of mango in the United States is the Ataulfo Mango
  • Ataulfo Mangoes are also known as Honey Mangoes or Manila Mangoes, but they are in a mango class all their own. The reason is fantastic flavor and their string-less flesh.
  • Choose yellow to orange, not light green, mangoes that give slightly with gentle pressure.
  • The flesh of the Ataulfo Mango is bright yellow to orange when ripe, and it roughly has the shape of an S.
  • Do not refrigerate.
  • Eat out of hand, in salads, as chutney, juiced or blended - the uses go on and on.
  • Originating from India, most of our mangoes now come from Mexico.
  • The Ataulfo Mango has one of the thinnest seeds of any mango.
  • Although generally smaller than other mango varieties, the meat portion is quite large for its size and the string-less interior melts in your mouth.

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